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Reduce Debt

Our risk-free and "pay only for results" fee structure aligns our interests with yours. 

Avoid Bankruptcy

Our proven track record can keep you out of court and away from expensive lawyers.

Debt Management

Have your creditors and collectors call us instead of you, allowing you and your staff to concentrate on running your business.

Debt Restructuring

See what kind of savings we can achieve for you allowing you to focus on growing your business. 

How We Can Serve You

We have been negotiating and restructuring commercial debts for our clients for over 20 years, and we are very good at what we do. With our proven debt reduction techniques, we are able to obtain, on average,  a 40%-80% reduction in overall debt burden.

Why We Are The Best

First and foremost, we get results! Secondly, we are paid based on the results of your case. If we do not save you money, in terms of a reduction in debt, interest, or both, then you pay us nothing. We have obtained over $25 million in total commercial debt reduction for our clients over the years.

How We Work For You

When multiple creditors are involved, we start the process by reviewing your entire commercial debt burden. We create a comprehensive plan that includes:

  • We break down every debt you have – whether it is with leasing companies or asset-based lending companies – to show which debts you signed for personally and which are via the business.
  • We identify all short-term and long-term debt. This can come from your accounts payable records.
  • We create a complete inventory.

When a single creditor or a judgment is involved, we review the case and develop a strategy aligned with the particulars of the case. Suppose you are facing bankruptcy if you cannot resolve the debt burden placed on your business by this particular creditor. As you might expect, many creditors will settle for less in lieu of getting very little or nothing at all after a bankruptcy court takes control of the situation. So your potential bankruptcy is a key factor in the negotiations.

Free Consultation

Sometimes you are not sure how to proceed or what your options might be. For our prospective clients, we offer a free telephone consultation. To schedule a meeting, simply complete the form below,

Our Track Record

  • Over $70 million in claims negotiated
  • Over 120 lawsuits avoided
  • Over 175 default judgments resolved
  • Over 200 payment plans established
  • Over 300 commercial debt cases resolved
  • An average of more than 60% in savings to our clients
  • More than 350 judgments negotiated
  • More than 50% savings for our entire client base
  • More than 300 Debts restructured

Our Guarantee

If we can not get you a settlement that is to your satisfaction, there is no fee.


Take a look at what our clients are saying about our work...

“At first I was skeptical about your program, but I have to say that you definitely deliver results. Your program saved me from bankruptcy.”

“Initially you settled a $4,000 for $1,500 and I trusted you with all my debts” You saved my business. Thank You André.”

“You are unbelievable. You came in and took charge of our lawsuit and within 10 days you settled for 42% of the actual claim and saving us $90,000. I only have 1 thing to say to you. Well worth the money that you charge for this service.”

“Pleasure to do business with someone who is ‘real,’ keeps his word, and responds quickly.”

“Your consultation support is clear, concise and specifically to the point.” Thank You.

“I don’t know what happened the past six weeks, but someone opened the floodgates! I am in heaven and praying that I’m not dreaming. Your program saved me over $43,000."

“Your… letter did the job. My bank just accepted a 50% reduction on my debt. Thanks.”

“Thanks for getting me out of this personal guaranty lease... much appreciated. You saved me well over $26,000 in 12 days. Thank you."

“Well done! You have successfully negotiated with five of my ten creditors... I can see no reason why you will not settle the last five.”


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